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All You Need to Know About Bondly NFT Platform and Token

Bondly Finance has recently become a popular topic due to their court case with the eSport company G2. Initially, Bondly has a two-year exclusive partnership with G2 as an executor for the eSport’s company NFT sales. However, the contract fell through after Bondly failed to fulfill the contract deal, resulting in over $5,250,000 of damages to G2. So, here’s all you need to know about the Bondly NFT platform and token.

Bondly NFT marketplace

Initially, Bondly was a peer-to-peer payment service that accommodates an easy and quick payment method between friends, family, and college. Now, the company has found its way to digital asset trends. Due to their contribution to atomic swap multi-chain digital asset exchange, Bondly is regarded as one of the pioneers in the world of NFT.

Partnering with Binance Smart Chain, Bondly released their own NFT called the Bondly Collectible Card Game (BCCG) in November 2022. With this NFT, they aimed to educate users about the company’s products and bring utility to the company’s ecosystem via gamers’ participation. Amazingly, the NFTs were sold out in just under six hours, which shows the potential for Bondly NFT to grow.

Bondly’s partnership with high-end clients is one of the reasons behind Bondly NFT’s reputation. Recently, the company partnered with digital assets company Network on their virtual land sale. In the past, the finance company has also partnered with singer Lewis Capaldi and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul to release their respective NFTs.

Is Bondly token a good investment?

Bondly released its own token generation event in December 2020 along with its staking facilities. The company is collaborating with Ferrum Network to enable a wider range of staking options, including the Liquidity Staking option. For this particular staking option, Uniswap liquidity providers can earn Bondly Token as a reward from ETH/BONLDY and USDT/BONLDY pools.

If you’re looking to participate in BONLDY Liquidity Staking, you need to have a Metamask wallet. This is done to connect to the staking contract and to add tokens to the liquidity pools. If you’re actively participating in BONLDY stocking, you will have the chance to win an exclusive Farzin card NFT.

It is worth noting that the tokens cannot be purchased. Instead, they are only able to be airdropped to random users who have staked the minimum amount of $3000 of BONLDY tokens. However, you have to beware when choosing Bondly as an investment plan.

According to data acquired from Coin Market Cap, Bondly shows a negative trend in terms of token price. This is quite surprising since the cryptocurrency reached its peak value in March 2021. Since then, the trend continues to drop with a small recovery at the end of 2021. Today, the Bondly token is priced at around $0.037, making it one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies.

So, those are the brief introduction to Bondly NFT and the Bondly token. Despite only having several years of experience in the NFT market, Bondly is one of the most reputable digital asset trade services available. But, without any signs of recovery, it is best to avoid investing in BONDLY tokens.

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